ARCHICRÉA DP, atelier d’architecture, a été crée par Hervé POSNIC, président, et Jean DO NASCIMENTO, directeur général, tous deux Architectes D.P.L.G.
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ARCHICRÉA DP architecture studio was created by Hervé Posnic, President, and Jean Do Nascimento, Managing Director, both registered architects (DPLG).

The two partners have worked together since 1995.

The firm is made up of 20 employees, a multidisciplinary team that brings together architects, urban planners, interior architects, economists and landscape architects.

The ARCHICRÉA DP firm has offices in Paris, Île-de-France and in the south of France in Montpellier, giving it a presence throughout the country.

What makes ARCHICRÉA DP different is the diversity of its projects both in terms of scale and subject matter.

Whether on existing properties or new builds, public or private, the firm designs, renovates and builds projects in areas such as offices, housing, public facilities, business buildings and historic buildings.

Beyond the traditional tasks of project management, design and execution, ARCHICRÉA DP performs architectural valuation studies on land and existing buildings by studying the regulatory capacity (staffing, labour code, etc.) and the possibilities of raising or extending and enhancing the architectural and environmental value.

The firm also handles the environmental certification of projects.

Today, the firm enables these institutional and private clients to gain real profitability from their properties.

ARCHICRÉA DP takes pride in its responsiveness and its cooperative working relationship with its clients for the successful achievement of a comprehensive, effective and responsible project that meets current expectations.

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